2018 Frame Game


That’s it! I was trying to be sneaky. Perhaps a little too sneaky. I was actually showing you WAY more of the screen than you guys probably realized. Here’s the full version:


I played it for the first time earlier this year.
I didn’t get very far though: tying it to the nostalgic gaming thread, the interface was a bit much for me.


It’s honestly extremely punishingly hard. While it is the game that started it all for the Gold Box games, it’s also kind of the worst from what I’ve heard (I haven’t played them all). Curse of the Azure Bonds is the direct sequel and you start out with (IIRC) level 5 characters if you’re not importing from Pool of Radiance. And just in general it’s not as brutal starting out. Also has way more story/plot to it. Lots of minor improvements too. It’s generally a better game overall.

As for this new screenshot. Hrm. Viewtiful Joe?


Simply creating my party was a gauntlet which I had to overtake over a few days. I am not going to give them over and jump to the sequel!



MOAR reveal plz.




Card Thief


Dicey Dungeons… which has grown some real art since the last time I played it.




@CaseyRobinson You’re up.


Ohh, I had a great idea for the next time I won one of these. I hope I can remember it.


@CaseyRobinson Poke. Remembered it yet?


What if he forgot and we never get another frame?


Then we’ll make him pick another game! By force! In person! Yeah!


Okay maybe not. But I’ll continue pinging him until he does one of the following:

(A.) Posts a shot.
(B.) Gives up his turn.
(C.) Turns off notifications and ignores us forever. By which point we…uh… I don’t know. Panic? Yes, that sounds right.

@CaseyRobinson Hi.


It’s been 3 days and he may be on vacation and not able to respond, if we don’t hear anything by tomorrow let’s give it whoever might want to step in and do it, maybe?


You know I just realized @CaseyRobinson is not a person, but a pumpkin!
I thought he had a serious case of Orange Glow, but in truth the hat was a disguise!

We’ve been left here to languish without a frame to guess, by a pumpkin!


(I’m with you @CaseyRobinson, don’t let those shadowy figures steal your thunder!)


Always the right answer.



I tried to get all fancy and use InkScape, because I wanted to learn it for a new thing. But didn’t.

Uh, shot up in, I dunno, 30 minutes?