2018 Frame Game



I tried to get all fancy and use InkScape, because I wanted to learn it for a new thing. But didn’t.

Uh, shot up in, I dunno, 30 minutes?


Wait, Inkscape? Why would use a vector package for raster editing?


Layers mostly.




Well, better use a raster software that supports layers. GIMP is what I use personally, but I’m sure people here use other stuff like Paint.Net and even Photoshop. ;)

Inkscape would work, but since it’s made to deal with vectors instead of raster images, it’s less than optimal.

Anyway, don’t mind my musings. Carry on. ;)


minesweeper ?


Battle Chess?


It would be hilarious if that was the entire screenshot shrunk down to a tiny square and we had to identify it by that.


Made in Wario?


@CaseyRobinson We need another frame. :P









Through the Ages


Yup !


Wow, you have too many resources.


@rho21 Poke.


I have remembered, I was busy last night and I’m at work now. Do remind me again if I don’t post anything in the next 6 hours or so, though.