2018 Frame Game


Do we need an extra set of hands for updating the cheat code list? Last update there was back in July, for Scanner Sombre.


I’ll do it. My life is empty!


I thought it would be filled with wine, women, and cheeses, or something French related like that. :)

Or am I thinking of Italy, France’s boot.


LOL - and here I was walking back to my car when I got this update, so you reminded me to grab the full image and post it before returning to work! Thanks!

I mean, that’s kind of true of a lot of the games posted here to a lot of people. This has been active on YouTube for a really long time, I had a thread about it that I keep fairly active, and it drops next Tuesday. So, while I knew it would be a little bit of a problem for some folks, I figured it would turn out okay. And someone did win it! So there is that. ;)

But if I’m being 100% honest, I figured this might drum up some discussion for the game, which does drop next week and like no one is talking about it.


The reason that was my guess is basically because I figured you might do something like that, and I think it’s certainly a legitimate reason. I’m actually quite curious about the game, but since I’ve barely played PoE2 so far, I might wait a bit before buying. But your enthusiasm about it is somewhat infections and I’m intrigued about the game, so there’s that. ;)


As @rhamorim is as busy as usual, I propose you this little interlude for the week-end.
It’s super tricky and obscure, but since it doesn’t count, I hope to not get too much flak. And look at those scanlines, even through the blur of those rescaled jpeg images! It’s the first time I take a picture of a TV screen, and I couldn’t figure how to help the blurriness with my aged phone.
I’ll post a new frame every few hours.

As a hint, this was a Japanese exclusive.



Fatal Frame, uh 4? (The Wii exclusive one?)


Nope: the poor quality is solely due my own lens, not the game’s!




@Left_Empty there is at least five different games there, you are definitely trolling us!


Actually, you are right: there are more than a single game in there.

It was Kuron/Kowloon Yomagakuenki, a puzzle, Wizardry style dungeon crawler, inside an episodic sound novel canvas, with a crafting game and a fake internet browser to keep you busy.
And FMVs thrown in. And a jazzy soundtrack performed for the most part by a live band.
And it also featured a fake NES Adventure/RPG for good measure.
The only thing it lacks is the obligatory awkward dating sim. The game is a contrarian.

It’s as awesome as it’s buggy. It got a second edition released, that fixed some of the issues, but introduced new ones — in my game, the business part of the crafting game was bugged and basically served no purpose, yielding zero rewards.

Hopefully @rhamorim will have time for a proper frame now :O


Haha, as if!


Kingdom Rush



* I’m not saying the correct game is tower defense or that it’s not. I’m just emulating people in the movie frame game. ;)


It’s super familiar I hope it’s not a porn game…


The “Rank C” is so familiar…Advance Wars?


I was thinking the same thing. The color palette, the “Rank C” and all that. But it’s widescreen, and not the GBA’s version of widescreen, but rather 16:9. And I have no idea what that orange/red thing is. This is confusing me.


It’s not a porn game (well, that I know of), and here’s more of it…