2018 Frame Game


Looks like a futuristic racing game circa '94, perhaps with shooting and dodging things tossed in for fun. No idea on the name.


Yeah definitely on that track. The perspective is interesting though. Doesn’t seem to fit the arcade style of the era, but also the resolution is weird not to be.


Ohh, arcade. I didn’t think of that. I was assuming mobile game or something. Knew it couldn’t be a DS game because the aspect ratio of the two screens stacked is all wrong. Anyway, I’ve got no clue. I like the look of the graphics though.


I could be wrong! It’s notnstandard 4:3 is all.


Tee hee hee. Frankly, I wouldn’t have gotten it myself: I just stumbled upon it and a cool story right when I guessed @rhamorim’s frame.
You are right, it is an arcade game.


Rock And Roll Racing?

It isn’t that, but I figured I’d guess just to keep things moving.


Those cars look a bit like the one from SpyHunter. I know that’s not it, it was just an excuse to talk about SpyHunter and how awesome it was.


SNES version of SuperCars?


That was Mad Gear, which you could argue could be called LED Storm, although that isn’t the same game.

I thought it was a bit too generic and obscure when I picked it, but as I mentionned earlier, I picked it because of a timing issue:
I ran into an article (sadly in Frecnh) about that game and the intriguing story of its “fake” ports.
Basically, a beta of the game called Rally 2011 LED Storm was released in a limited way by Capcom. At the same time, it was licensed for Western home computer ports, which were done in haste and lead to the release of the horrible Led Storm games across a variety of our computers. Then, the arcade game came out proper, but under a different name — and it was a quite different game.
Personally, I much prefer that final version to the more well-known, in a way, beta.
Here is a video I found, showing all this in more visual details. Its author doesn’t share my enthusiasm for the final game, instead preferring some of the computer versions.

Anyway, LED Storm being one of those lame and tired games of my childhood, and having no idea of all the weirdness behind its genesis until two days ago, I wanted to share that story, and that made for a terrible game to guess!

Next one is much easier:



A Metal Slug?..Lets say Metal Slug 3 to pick one at random.


Not a Metal Slug. I had never linked the current publisher to Metal Slug’s graphics, but it’s true they share a bit of the same esthetics.




Indeed, it’s R-Type Leo, one of the most beautiful pixellated games ever.


Oh, shit - I was right? Man. I only know like one side-scrolling shooting series that looked like that (I played the hell out of the first R-Type on… I want to say it was my SNES but it could have been TurboGraphix16, I cannot really recall).

Well. I better come up with a frame here then…



Probably Turbograx16/PC-Engine, as the port of the first arcade game was a masterpiece there!

The Deer God?


I was going to guess R-Type in the very first frame, but the scan-lines and the other suggestion of Metal Slug made me think it was too new looking to be R-Type.


Never second-guess your guts!