2018 Frame Game


Nope to all.


Is it Fez?


Correct! I didn’t think it would make it past the first frame.


@Pod is up!


Paging @Pod

While waiting: “Open Bay doors” - Which game had this input text as a reference to the movie 2001.




Space Quest 1


Winner :)
Was tempted to replay it today. Wonder how it holds up. Would’ve been nice to get the VGA remake with the EGA text-input instead of the click-to-do-everything they did.


Oops. Sorry about the weeklong delay! Fez was a random, fire-and-forget guess. I assumed that if it was Fez someone would have guessed it already :P






my friend replays 1-3 regularly, knows every command in and out. not sure if it holds up for normal people but if you know it well you will enjoy it.



A Neon Chrome boss? but wasn’t the Psykio health bar red?


No idea! I’ve never played Neon Chrome! :P


Tesla Vs. Lovecraft?


@Left_Empty : You might as well have a fourth go.




Time Recoil?


You guys were sure it was a 10Ton, Neon Chrome based shooter, weren’t you? :)