2018 Frame Game


Admittedly I just needed some text to link the songs with ;)


Dungeon Might & Magic Master


There was a close guess.

No, just kidding!



Why does this fantasy looking game have a Gradius power-up system?


Therein lies the answer!




@Left_Empty Guess not. New round?


No idea, but I’m very curious!


It was Elemental Master, a really cool shooter from Technosoft that they released for the Megadrive, putting into a fantasy world and giving a vertical spin to their horizontal Thunderforce series — where you pick freely levels, completing each one opening a new weapon upgrade. It also, strangely, featured cutscene with a tearjerking scenario of sacrifice leading to super mega awesome beamfire upgrade:

Even 20 years later, I could still fire up and finish the game without using any continues. Either it is crazy easy, or I may have played too much of it in my young years :O



Borderlands 2?


Elemental Master, ah. I was vaguely familiar with the game but couldn’t think what system it was on or anything else. I’ve never been a shooter guy, but those ones like that which sort of wrap it in an RPG world always interested me. Never got around to trying one. IIRC there was one released on Steam a couple years back. But I knew this wasn’t that one.

As for this one, my guess: Wasted?


I have always had troubles with horizontal shooters, while I can manage a bit in vertical ones. But Elemental Master is so leisurely pace, you could argue it is almost an ARPG.
Pretty awesome soundtrack, as usual with Technosoft, too.


Deep Sixed?

Looks familiar from Tom’s stream a few weeks ago.


You have been deepsixeded!


Nice! Ok here we go…


Target practicing in Kingdom Cum Deliverance for a future Metal Gear Survive session.




Nope! A bit more:


Assassin’s creed Egypt?