2018 Frame Game


No to all of those. And @CraigM it’d be weird if it was Prey; wasn’t that the game I guessed to get my turn? :)


Ummm… no comment :P


Would have been awesome though, because then you could say “Prey. I do not alter it further.”


Frame 3; should be more obvious if you’ve played this.


No clue, but I want to play it!


Continuing with the trend, Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER?


@robc04 - Nope! Posting final frame, to see if anyone gets this.


Is that F.E.A.R.?


It is not.


I know which game it is (and I plan on playing it one day), but because I googled it. So I’m disqualified. ;)


If there are no guesses by tomorrow, I’d say go ahead and post the title.


Deus Ex Mankind Divided?






Nyet. Man, I obviously picked an obscure one. Probably doesn’t help that I didn’t choose a shot with any iconic element.


There is an iconic element there. Just not a very obvious one.


Sure; if you’ve played it :)


If I had any idea what game involved nanophages then I’d guess it, but I am fresh out of such ideas.




Damn you for making me look at this like I’d be looking at some HOG screen.

didn’t find the tassel :(