2018 Frame Game


For sure, they’re by far the most unique/noticeable thing from that entire brand line.


New frame new frame new frame


So familiar!


Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey


It is not that!


I’ll throw an unmotivated Yokai Dochuki.




I had to Google the crap out of things but found the game. All I have to say is “really!?”


The legendary Super Nintendo remake of Mole Mania.




Now I’m worried that no one but me played this game, so I’ll post nearly the whole frame and see if that helps.


I remember trying it because it was highly regarded (and I think you could switch characters?), but no way I remember the name :O


Oh snap, I know this… dang it I know what hose were!


It’s not Duck Tales, but it is SNES era Disney. Those look like the beagle boys, but maybe they’re something goofy related.

Goof Troop?


I remember the tiny snake, I also played this but can’t remember the name.


Yeah I recognized the snake at first too. I knew it was something Disney, and the enemy pirates cements it.

I don’t remember any Mickey Mouse top down 16 bit games, since I know most of those were platformers, but maybe there’s one I’m forgetting.


Goof Troop it is!

I actually have very fond memories of this game. My dad, despite being the one who introduced videogames into our household, rarely played them with me once my interest overtook his. This is one of the few that we actually did play together. We never beat it, but we pretty regularly made it to the third level (of five). I think about it often, even though I’m sure the sum total of time he and I spent on it was fairly small.

@CraigM is up!


Sorry about that, yesterday was my sons birthday so I was unable to get one up.

Lets see if you can identify this game


Call of Duty? :D

Them eyes looks like they are in a mask!


Hehe, you got it. Totally call of duty and not something I named the frame because it is hilariously the complete opposite type of game ;)

It’s a thing I blame Tom for, I picked up the habit from him.