2018 Frame Game


What is that game? Never heard of it.

I’ll probably post a frame early in the morning. Going camping so did not think through reveal timing.


It’s Lands of Lore 2.


Considering I’ve never even heard of Lands of Lore…

Ah, old Westwood RPG. Yeah I didn’t have a computer in those days.


Ok I’m packing off to go camping, but I’ve saved my next frames so, cell connection willing, I can continue.


No guesses?


Black Desert Online. There’s your wrong guess, next frame!


Metroid Prime…2?


I love where your head is at, even though it is not correct.


Star Fox 3!


It’s obviously Seaman


Mega race 2?


Well, it looks like an N64 game in space. Body Harvest?


None of the above


Pod? Not the person, the game.


Star Wars Episode 1: Racer?


Good call.


And a correct one. In honor of my recently discovered addition to GOG.

Yours @nijimeijer


Man, I barely played that game. Don’t think I’ve ever even seen that level. But hey, I was close, right? I said Pod, and in that game, you race in pods, right? Haha.


In Pod you drive robust looking cars, the name is an acronym that means “Planet of Death”.

I always find it remarkable how poorly games of this era aged e.g. Both this one and Pod have a tiny resolution textured disgustingly spread over a massive polygon. Did we ever think this looked good?


In motion, it’s not that bad. But 3D never looked good!