2018 Frame Game


Jurassic Park: The Game


It’s Max from Sam & Max (or a knockoff)!

I don’t recognise the exact context of that shot (though I’m almost certain I’ve seen it somewhere) but since you say it’s tricky, it’s probably not from one of their main games - so I’ll guess Poker Night at the Inventory! (


It is Max indeed, but no correct guesses so far.


I’ve seen that too. Not sure where. My guess, which I’m pretty sure is wrong: Poker Night at the Inventory?


Profanicus already guessed that, and it’s not Poker Night at the Inventory.

Second frame:


Some Rebel Galaxy bar?


3030 Deathwar Redux


Galaxy on Fire 2? Guessing at space bars…


@arrendek got it!!!


New frame:


Glass Masquerade?


Yep! Played this one from start to finish in a couple nights of gaming. Fun little puzzle. I think maybe you were the one who posted about it over in another thread and convinced me to get it.


Yeah that was me! :D

I’ll get something up later tonight.


I did not forget!


Super Mario Odyssey?


Anno 2205?


Yeah I figured if anyone would get it on the first guess it would be you. You bought it anyway! ;)

Anno 2205!

@robc04 you are up!


I’m still scarred from buying it at release! I’ll have something up in a bit.


OK, here we go with frame 1…


Sexy Brutale?