2018 Golden Globes with Seth Meyers

Going pretty well so far. Seth Meyers had a great intro, Nicole Kidman and Sam Rockwell gave great speeches, and Gal Gadot and The Rock just appeared together, reminding all of us how amazing-looking their hypothetical kids would be.

So far, this has to be the best moment of the show:

Also, Franco read his speech off his phone, which was cute!

I don’t get it - what is going on here?

James Franco won best actor for playing Tommy Wiseau, the star, producer, writer, and director of a film called The Room (2003), regarded as one of the worst movies ever made. In accepting his award for the film about the making of The Room, a movie called The Disaster Artist, he invited the eccentric real-life star on-stage, but had the good sense to stop him before he got to the mic.

del Toro won best director, which makes me very happy!

Ah, okay sure I know a bit about that stuff, that’s awesome.

Greta Gerwig can’t even get a Best Director nomination, has to settle for winning Best Picture, Musical or Comedy for making my favorite film of 2017. (Which is OK, btw!)

Here’s hoping the Academy gives her the nod, since I sort of doubt that Lady Bird will be the kind of film that gets a Best Picture nom.

I think Lady Bird, which I agree is a fantastic film, will absolutely get a best picture nomination. A few years ago, the academy revised it’s rules, so now they nominate 10 films for the top honors each year. I hope Greta Gerwig takes Ridley Scott’s place for the best director nominations. He was a baffling choice; maybe the 100 voters involved with the Golden Globes were impressed that he recast the film, and shot key scenes so close to release.

I think that was a huge consideration, both in nominating Scott and Christopher Plummer, and Plummer especially got a lot of love in various sports books that did Golden Globes action.

I am glad that Big Little Lies won a few, that was a great miniseries.

I am sad that Phantom Thread was barely nominated and won nothing, and Sufjan Stevens wasn’t even nominated for Best Original Song for his work on Call Me By Your Name.

Another year of the Globes and their still using the stupid musical, comedy category to simply give another award.

Yeah, it would be great if they used that category for actual genuine comedies that are really funny. Those don’t really get enough recognition. Instead, you get this category where movies that aren’t really comedies, like Get Out submit for that category and get nominated, crowding out the actual comedies.

This year’s winner of Best Musical or Comedy made me laugh out loud more often than any recent comedy I can recall, so it has that going for it.