2018 Horror Roundup Thread


Brits discover the scariest thing is Americans.


OMG, I love that book and I love David Bruckner! This is a movie they made for me!

I can’t imagine the script is going to adapt the book as it’s written. The Ritual is a great horror novel, but mainly because it has some really weird twists that would probably break it if it was a movie.



Unsane looks interesting but so many of the shots being closeups got annoying just during the trailer.


The Adam Nevill one? Huh, that was $2 on Kindle the other day so I snagged it on general principles. May have to advance that up my reading list.




So looks like Hereditary, a movie I mentioned upthread, got picked up by A24 on the strength of its Sundance showing and has a release date of June 8. Also there’s a trailer! Which looks messed up in all the right ways.


I just read this article as well and remembered your mention. Now I wish I had not as it is we have to wait until June.


I’ve read 4 or 5 reviews of Hereditary, all of which sing praises. I dithered on watching the trailer - too spoilery vs. want to know what the fuss was about - and inevitably gave in. It doesn’t seem spoilerish and the movie looks flat out fantastic. Right in my horror/personal anxiety wheelhouse.


My understanding is that the trailer seems more spoilery than it really is. But I guess we won’t know for sure until June.


I’ll skim an article like the one mentioned and if it sounds up my alley, I won’t watch the trailer. I avoid trailers for the most part these days for thriller/drama/horror films. Comedies and action and Nicolas Sparks movies*, don’t much matter.

*Kidding. I’ve never seen one. I always refused when my wife wanted to see one in the theater or at home.


Oh man I thought The Ritual came out towards the end of last year. Looking forward to it two weekends from now.


Looks like The Ritual is out now


I read the book recently (after seeing it mentioned here) and I liked it, but it was exceedingly British.


I’ll wait till I see others comments. Watched to many of these “group goes out into BFE and then bad shit happens”. Most haven’t been that good.


Here we go again! On a scale of spotted dick to Blackadder, what’s the appropriate level of Britishness for you wumpus?




Warning level: class warfare, calling each other “mate” constantly, many references to bollocks. There may be “taking of the piss” at regular intervals.

God save the queen, ya’ll 🇬🇧


Just finished The Ritual. Not terrible. If you’ve been following the horror scene at all in the last 15 years, you’ve seen this movie a few times already. It’s the “teenagers lost in the woods making increasingly poor decisions” movie except with middle-aged men, which is novel enough to make this worth seeing.

Unfortunately it’s marred by being a horror movie that’s not scary, no matter how many shots of trees overlaid with ominous drones they show. Also they try really hard to link a violent incident early in the movie and the main character reliving it throughout the film that never made much sense to me.

Nevertheless, if you saw Kill List or The Borderlands and appreciated those (much better) films, I’d give this one a mild recommendation. You’re probably paying for Netflix anyway…might as well.

EDIT: Oops, missed the thread for Tom’s review. Oh well.


Agree on the ‘not scary’ part. I thought it was decent enough but nothing really special at all.


Now you’re taking the piss.


The plot twist is that there is no plot!

If only I’d read your comment before I wasted two hours on this piece of shit. No set-up, no tension along the way, and then no resolution.

I guess Netflix is at the “buy whatever shovelware you can find…we need content!” stage of their development.