2018 Horror Roundup Thread


Agree that The Ritual was not great, but I must admit that I found the creature at the end unique and nearly worth the time spent.


Strangers 2 explodes into the weekend with a 32% approval rating. At least A Wrinkle In Time has something to brag about?


Anyone seen the recent veronica on Netflix? It seems pretty good, heard good things.


This certainly looks neat, and seems to have gotten good festival buzz:


I’d give it a mild thumbs up. There’s not a single second of it that you haven’t seen done before in other similar movies, but it’s got some cool imagery and atmospherics. Worth 100 minutes.


At the risk of building the movie up too much, here is another impression of Hereditary from a SXSW screening:

From the article: ‘Even this diehard horror fan found himself waking up in the middle of the night after the screening, and—for the first time in years—having to put on a little light in the hotel room as a bulwark against what might be lurking in the dark. It’s that unsettling.’


Oooh that looks good


OK sorry, one more Hereditary post just because it’s funny:


That looks like a trend.

This will continue until one of the marketers gets plugged while creeping around someone’s porch in the dark.


We’ll see where they end up, but right now The Endless (24/0) and A Quiet Place (34/0) are both 100% at Rotten Tomatoes. I’m very excited for both films.


The guys behind The Endless brought us the excellently weird Lovecraftian movie Spring a couple of years ago. Really excited for that one.

A Quiet Place description sounds an awful lot like a rip-off of Josh Malerman’s very good horror novel Bird Box. Also, John Krasinski…but who am I to quibble with RT?


Spring is currently available on Shudder. I’m going to watch it this weekend I think.

I want to strongly urge everyone not to watch the latest trailers. I quite liked the original one, since it didn’t give too much away but set the tone nicely. The latest trailers are bad. Anyway it also features Emily Blunt. And was apparently based on a story written by the screen writers.

Oh, hey, Bird Box is being made into a movie by Netflix, release date Dec 21st this year. Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, and John Malcovich lead the cast.


And the Bird Box film is being directed by Susanne Bier, director of one of my favorite movies ever (After The Wedding)!

Anyway, I’m not accusing anyone of plagiarism or anything. It’s just that plot description does sound very much like Bird Box, except with sound instead of sight. The Verge’s review even mentions it:

The idea of post-apocalyptic survivors learning to live with some strange artificial restriction evokes the novel Bird Box, where an invasion of eldritch creatures forces people to either navigate the world blind or risk going mad if they happen to see one of the things. (Susanne Bier’s film adaptation of Bird Box is actually slated for later in 2018.) But while Bird Box emphasizes the horror of the unknown, A Quiet Place is about characters trying to maintain human connections while diminishing their place in the world as much as possible, policing their every breath to avoid disaster. The film doesn’t spend much time on allegory or symbolism, but it’s not hard to find a larger metaphor about living under any oppressive force.


I trust you watched The Night Manager?



Twice now, actually. Loved it.

I might go watch it a third time, now that you’ve mentioned it…


Hey, this looks pretty good. I know there are other Australian zombie movies, but maybe our first outback zombie movie? Plus Martin Freeman!

Oh yeah, it’s called Cargo, coming to Netflix on May 18.


Oh! I’ve seen the short film this is based on.


Wow Cargo looks good.


Cargo is also a pretty good Swiss sci-fi movie.


Pyewacket. Somehow didn’t make the roundup, but it looks kinda cool. I think I know what I’m catching this weekend.