2018 Horror Roundup Thread


Oh I miss shit all the time. That looks interesting though, added!


Marisa Tomei, why?


Nobody would accuse the original Purge of being subtle (or that good, but never mind). But it still had a shred of nuance to it (it’s not clear first off that it’s about purging the poor, and then there’s the jealousy of the not as well to do neighbors and the daughter’s BF).

Where as now it’s rather more, uh, blunt.


Just finished Pyewacket. It’s one of them “slow burners” everybody’s yammerin’ on about nowadays. It’s got a fairly dark and nasty ending, though, that makes it worth the trip.


I saw A Quiet Place. I was lucky enough to know nothing about it going in (I heard it was good, and I heard it was a horror movie). So I won’t spoil anything! It’s an odd movie-going experience. Anyway, it starts out a bit slow, but hang in there, by the end you’ll be chewing your fingernails off.


Truth or Dare is at 30% right now on Rt (8/19). This is at least 29% more than I ever expected it to get. Go ToD, I guess.


Yeah, I saw the trailer, and it looks dumber than dumb. I guess you never know, though. Luckily, I’ll never have to see it, because I saw the trailer which certainly seems to tell you every single thing that happens in the movie.


Truth or Dare is the one with the weird facial distortion thing on the teenagers? Goddamn that stuff annoys me.


Lmao it almost dropped half (16% right now).


Added Ghost Stories, a horror anthology which is coming soon. It’s 37/2 at RT right now. Framing story is a professor who debunks ghost stories/superstitions being contacted by a mysterious person with 3 cases for him to investigate.


That’s rating really well over here (95%/96%) but my girlfriend and friend didn’t seem overly enthusiastic after seeing it. Keen to check it out myself.


The A.V. Club reviews Ghost Stories, isn’t terribly impressed:


I’ll throw a new one out there- I just saw Blue My Mind at the Seattle International Film Festival. I think it’s played all the times it will during the fest, and I’m not sure if it’s getting a wider release, but I’m sure it’ll be available somewhere, sometime.

I’m not sure if it actually belongs in this thread- it isn’t any sort of a classic ‘horror’ movie- but its two biggest inspirations definitely are, so eh, why not?

The easiest way to describe it is the midpoint between Raw and Ginger Snaps- young woman going through puberty/adolescence in a new school, and all the changes and uncertainty that accompany that. Only the changes aren’t what you would normally expect.

In a lot of ways it has the same tone and feel as Raw but less… visceral, and it’s less schlocky horror tropes and hair than Ginger Snaps (it’s more wet and scaly). Not sure it really nailed what it was doing, but I liked it, overall- especially for a first full length movie. It is apparently the Master’s thesis for Lisa Brühlmann, a Swiss actress-turned-director.

There’s a trailer out there, but I just watched it, but it isn’t really very good and possibly spoils things a bit if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing.


So Hereditary opens nationwide on June 8 but they’re doing select screenings for free in certain cities -


They have a showing in Seattle but I can’t make it unfortunately. Maybe one of you all can get a sneak peek, let us know what you think?


Guyz our long national nightmare is over, the first Suspira remake trailer has dropped.

I had forgotten Jessica Harper, from the original, was playing a part in this.


Do not want? I’m holding out for the David Gordon Green and Danny McBride Halloween reboot.



Going back to the 2017 thread where I originally said this, I don’t think anyone besides whoever is participating wants it. I’ll give credit for whatever they are doing with respect to how the remake is filmed (it’s not, uh, normal). It seems unlikely this will have the same amount of gore/brutality as the original, or the clever set design (although who knows), making the effort even more questionable.

Also, I totally forgot Jessica Harper was in Phantom of the Paradise.


Well, it can’t possibly be any worse than the original.


Did anyone catch Upgrade? It got good reviews. I didn’t realize it was horror (the preview certainly doesn’t look like it, although I can guess where it might go).


I think calling it horror is a stretch.

It wasn’t without its charms, but I didn’t love it.