2018 Horror Roundup Thread


Weirdly, all the marketing appears to. I’ll leave it on the list, but I don’t feel upset that I have to wait to stream it.


It’s not a huge stretch, but I think it’s borderline. There’s a body horror element, but it’s more of a suspense revenge movie type thing.


I don’t see it in the list, but just rented a movie called “They Remain” that I’m pretty excited about. It’s based on a short story by Laird Barron called “-30-”, from his excellent Occultation story collection. Looks like a slow creeper.

And it stars the dude from “The Good Place”!


I saw it at the HP Lovecraft Film Fest in Portland last October. It was ok- a slow creeper is a good description.


Oh man, I keep meaning to make it to that one of these days. It sounds so awesome.


I drive down from Seattle every year for the last 6 or 7 (more?) years. I love it.

There’s always a couple new feature-length, a couple old classics, and a ton of short films- there’s always a puzzle to figure out how to see everything over the course of the weekend (everything gets played at least twice, but there’s conflicting time blocks, etc).

The theme is tenuous for a lot of it (the features especially- the shorts are better) but it’s always great fun. And Portland is a great town to eat and drink you way around for a long weekend during the in between times. Along with my usual extended-camping-trip birthday, it’s the weekend I most look forward to every year.


William Jackson Harper. Dude is great in They Remain. I don’t know what “Good Place” is, but I hope to see more of this guy.



The Good Place is the best comedy show on television.


@tomchick season 1 is available on Netflix. Go watch it!


So is Season 2, at least over here.


He was really good…he has an interesting face, and he does a very good “spaced-out horror” look. And boy did he need it in this one.

Unfortunately, the movie was kind of a fizzle. A slow burner that was a bit too slow.


That’s too bad. Director Philip Gelatt’s other movie, The Bleeding House was pretty good for a teeny budget freshman film.


I really need to get my ass in gear and go down to this festival one year. I love driving down to Portland.


It usually happens the first weekend of October. I’ll try to remember to post here when tickets go on sale in a couple months. The last several years they do a Kickstarter in late August for passes with perks, t-shirt, etc., then general tickets go on sale a few weeks before the event in September.


I was just looking at this one yesterday and meant to post something about it. I’m tempted to resnt this (also another movie called Raccoon Valley). I haven’t checked out Occultation but I really liked Imago Sequence.

I started watching Cargo (it’s available on Netflix in 'Merica) but I got distracted by video games and haven’t been back yet. I’m pretty far into it and it’s. . . ok? Maybe a bit too understated? I already knew humans were the real monsters, and Freeman is doing a good job in it. It’s not bad or anything.


You might want to quit while you’re ahead then.

For what it’s worth, I thought Freeman was great in Cargo. It reminds me why he was such a great choice as the relatable core of the Lord of the Rings movies, but without all the fantasy frippery.

Also, Cargo is way better than the other horror apocalypse movie starring the young male lead from The Office.



Hey, I saw Hereditary last night!

And thought it was fine. It didn’t really move me and didn’t fill me with dread, despite its best efforts, and I consider myself an absolute wuss.

The press here in Britain has been relatively breathless about it, calling it the scariest film since The Exorcist which, I guess is true if you watch The Exorcist in 2018 and find it scary.

It reminded me a lot of Mother!, being a film of two halves where the first half is a grounded familial drama and the second half decides to ratchet up whatever it feels like. For all its faults, at least Mother! tried something fresh. Hereditary hopes you’ve not seen certain horror films from the turn of the 1970s.

Cinemascore gave it a D+ which accurately reflects that it’s not a mainstream horror film but I didn’t think it was a great art house film either. But the person I saw it with was absolutely horrified and refused to sleep in the house alone afterwards so evidently if it gets you, it really gets you.


Hobbit movies. I swear, you’re doing it on purpose!


Caught Unsane today and was richly rewarded by my low expectations. Amazing what can be done with a smart phone and a dumb synth soundtrack nowadays. It’s worth watching if you temper your hopes accordingly. I can abide giving this a solid “B”.


Went to ‘Scream Unseen’ at my local Odeon where u get to see an unknown soon to be released nominally horror movie for 5£.

I though it would be The First Purge or The Secret of Marrowbone.

It was The Secret of Marrowbone.

It was an odd strange Gothic film that felt for the most part a bit Children’s Film Foundation and yet there were moments were it actually did feel like a proper horror film, like The Railway Children meets Psycho via something I can’t say cos that would give the game away.

However it noped out from a truly shocking finale although the finale that there was I couldn’t decide if it was bizzare almost laughable to the sweetest nicest thing ever haha.

Anya Taylor Joy took over the final stages and when the intensity buzzed she owned the screen.

She is so great!

It wasn’t bad for a fiver !