2018 Horror Roundup Thread


I mostly didn’t care for Secret of Marrowbone, but I will say that I really liked the payoff. I can’t say that about most horror movies. I also really like George MacKay. I only know him from this and a YA apocalypse movie called How I Live Now. I want to see him in more stuff!



I struggled with it a great deal but I think it was the series of reveals that won me over although I could have done with a couple more to maybe make it way ouuuuut more crazy !

I should have been clearer when I said ‘odd strange’ that this was more about the tonal imbalances I of the film. Slightly amateur Children’s film (accents in one family all over the place ie posh girl and two working class lads veering from northern accents to cockney) aesthetic v Almost Adult horror.

This brings up Wands question of Certificates.
Over here in UK it’s a 15 - I think on balance it could be a PG (the one below 15).
Ultimately I think it is a kids film and that was what I didn’t like about it but I did like it when it pushed for. Real horror.

I didn’t like much of cast either but I’m huge fan of Anya -I liked herPsycho style I investigation however breif They should have restructured the film around that.

I think in the end it tipped over from bad into good in my mind because it was a superior children’s horror and I didn’t want to be a curmudgeon lol

Also the other young actress Mia Goth is in the new Suspiria.


12A is below 15.


Are we allowed to talk about just general horror movies we’ve seen this year, or is it just about new ones?


I always have a mind towards “this years movies” in these threads, but they are as good a place as any (and better than most) to discuss anything you’re watching “at the time”. The 2016 and 2017 threads had some of that in them, and were better for it.

If you are looking for specific discussion, obviously you want to check for an actual thread for that movie (we haven’t had as many of those this year, mostly revolving around front page stuff).

Have at it.


Lol shows how old I am - I don’t look at anything under 15C so have lost track of Certification - but yeah I think this TSMB could be a 12A then.

So much horror is 15 these days - makes one doubt the commitment to the notion.


Well, the old movie that popped into my head was some ancient movie on Amazon Prime called “Galaxy of Terror”.

Looking at that, I guess this was roger corman, which I didn’t realize when I saw it.

I was actually watching it a few days ago, and at some point, said, “Hey… I think I’ve seen this before.” But it was terrible, and I ultimately stopped watching it about half way through. Which, presumably, is exactly what happened the FIRST time I watched it.

It’s humorously bad though.


That poster is great though.


That poster does write a check the movie can’t honor, to be sure. It’s also one that I saw at an impressionable age, and kind of freaked me out. “Hey, what’s that giant worm doing to that girl? I guess it’s just squishing her.”


Lol, my girlfriend hit me because I called that girl “Doctor Hooters”, for obvious reasons. And I was like, “Seriously, that’s the reason that woman is in this movie. Cause she has basically no lines.”

And sure enough, at some point her clothes get torn off.

What’s funny is that after the worm thing kills her, the rest of the folks find her lying dead, covered in slime. But they don’t even check on her. They just see her and are like, “Oh well.” and leave without even touching her. She could have been asleep for all they knew.



This amazing film features the acting talents of Edward Albert, Ray “Mr. Hand” Walston? And also the acting of Zalman King, before he’d move on to directing softcore porn for Showtime??? And Robert Englund, pre-Freddy?!?!?!

Holy shit. Sid Haig is in this. And Grace Zabriskie of Twin Peaks.

And holy shit! Erin “Joanie Cunningham” Moran just walked onto the scene.

Goddamn yes.


On Amazon prime video for free right now.

I have yet to be able to watch more than half of it.


This is the correct response to Galaxy of Terror. It’s the kind of trash I’ll take over anything SyFy or Asylum does. When we were kids, our trash was way better than the trash kids are stuck with today.



Remember, without Galaxy of Terror there is no Avatar! Albeit the bad Avatar. No, I mean, the other bad Avatar.


So, uh, Unfriended: Dark Webb comes out in like a month or a week or something.


Finally a movie about my estranged (and very tan) cousin.


A.V. Club likes Dark Web(b):


It’s at like 56% at RT. Which is decent a for a movie like this (it’s sure to draw the teen crowd). Color me surprised.


There’s a somewhat intriguing movie called Night Eats the World that’s available on Amazon Prime right now for $6.99. I believe it got some festival buzz (Tribeca, not some rando horror festival you have never heard of). Anyone checking this out?


It’s insufferable. Imagine a zombie apocalypse movie in which Ansel Elgort never leaves an apartment.