2018 Horror Roundup Thread


I definitely thought of Fassbinder. They have a similar enough look that they could be…well, cousins, maybe.

He really, really is terrific. If you need a red-haired Scottish guy (Irish/Northern English in a pinch…nobody outside of those areas can tell the difference anyway), probably a heavy of some kind, he’s your man. He does “quiet menace” very well.

He also stood out among an amazing cast of British actors as King Stephen in Starz’ mini-series of The Pillars of the Earth.

Really? That’s a thing? I’m almost tempted to see it, just to see how they manage to make that scary.


You’re assuming they do.


There’s few movies that I’ve turned on so sharply. Love it, love it, love it…then the last 15 minutes happens and just feels so psychologically unlikely that I immediately lost all the goodwill I had for it previously.


Shuttle is pretty laughable, but it’s definitely worth it for the Tony Curran. I kind of hope you see it, because I’ll want to talk about the ending.



Okay, I had to re-read that three or four times before I realized that you weren’t talking about some Stephen King thing. “There’s a series with British actors in which one of them plays Stephen King? Is charmtrap just really confused about that Castle Rock series?”



Yeah, that was definitely the shakiest ground the film found itself on.


Did you like The Rezort? I can’t remember the ending except that Dougarry Scott was really good at killing zombies apparently.

Guess I’ll watch Calibre now.


I did. There simply aren’t enough Jurassic Park takes on the zombie apocalypse, so The Rezort has to exist in some form, sooner or later. This one is as good as any.



Just finished Noé-esque sorta-feminist extreme-thriller Revenge on Shudder. Pretty fucking brutal. Not for those with weak stomachs, perhaps, but beautifully photographed and directed. You will be extremely tense, but pleasantly so.

Turns out Shuttle is on Shudder! Got that queued up for next time.


Just finished Hereditary. Mixed feelings. Was it the harrowing frightfest I was promised? Nah, not really. At least, not for me. But it certainly goes places, and I can see where it would be really hard for a parent to watch. And in general I felt like it was well made. Just not aimed at my particular buttons, I guess.


Assassination Nation looks like maybe it goes there pretty hard. It’s going on my to see list for sure.

[Red Band Trailer: NSFW]


Written and directed by Gareth Edwards (The Raid).


No idea if that will be any good but I’ll give the Apostle a shot.


Just finished Malevolent that dropped today on Netflix. It’s brand new, so I won’t say much other than “if you must, go ahead”.


We watched Apostle last night. Thumbs up from both of us. It hit most of the marks for a decent horror flick and had you second guessing a couple of your initial thoughts as it played out. It was beautifully shot with great use of color, or rather, the use of color within dark scenes. It had some squeamish gore, it had some dread and it had evil people doing evil things. Check, check, and check. One of the best things that can be said about it was that it wasn’t heavy handed with trope. This isn’t a typical plot, even if you can indeed make guesses about it early on.

Worth a watch, for sure.

EDIT: I’m also tagging @Soren_Hoglund since he mentioned it over in the Netflix thread.


I liked it quite a bit as well, although it could maybe have stood to lose a couple of minutes of runtime. I went in expecting a riff onThe Wicker Man, but I was surprised by how Clive Barker-esque some of it felt.


I was searching for how to describe it and I think that’s a much better summary. It most definitely had that feel. It really only felt slow to me initially, but I was glad for the slow lead-in to be honest. Once they started adding in more tension it was a fun ride to the finish.


Just watched Apostle. Liked the Wicker Man-y reveals at the end of the second act and how suddenly gruesome it gets. Too long, though, by at least 20 minutes. It definitely drags in parts.

The setting was cool, though, and great cast. Always there for Michael Sheen and Dan Stevens.


I agree just a little too long and I felt like it needed a bigger end, but still a good film. Setting, Cast. Yes and Yes and Lucy Boynton is easy on the eyes.


Oooh, looking forward to Apostle this weekend probably. Glad people are enjoying it.