2019 Cricket World Cup

Apparently the semi final lineup is pretty much complete and there are still 20 games left. What idiot designed this tournament.

I think it was the same guy who designed the GE Smart light bulbs.

that reference has gone some distance over my head :)

Is that right? Looks like some sides still have a mathematical chance to get in, though it seems unlikely anyone will manage to displace the top four.

Mathematically it can’t happen until there are 11 games left, but yes, if anyone else makes the top 4 now it’ll be a shock. Especially if Australia beat Bangladesh today.


Hilarious end to this Australia innings after they looked locked on to get 400.

The run out was great, but my favourite is the Shane Watson-style review of the LBW from Smith.

Lololololol! That fit perfect.

To be mildly fair to the organisers. I dont think anyone could have forseen the collapse of SA at this point of the tournament.

I’m still holding out on a delusional hope. If Pakistan somehow wins all four of their upcoming matches, and none of them have rain, they’ll have 11 points. And if one of those top 4 teams stumbles, and only one of them. They still have a chance!

Smith - great player that he is - always looks like a little boy who’s going to cry when he gets out.

I guess he really just LOVES batting.

England’s last three games are all against the other likely semifinalists, as are NZ’s last two.

That’s either good preparation for the knockout rounds or a chance for one of them to take a tumble and let someone else sneak fourth spot.

Or there’ll be rain.

Holy cow, Sri Lanka won!?

What an exciting finish. Man, this was amazing to follow.

Sri Lanka, Pakistan, even South Africa, West Indies and Bangladesh all have a shot at the final slot now if England keeps losing against the top 3 teams that they still have to play (NZ, AUS, IND).

Clearly England were told to lose to keep the tournament interesting.

Well, Sri Lanka has traditionally been a Cricket powerhouse. They won the World Cup in 96, and they were the runners-up in 2007 and 2011. Of course this is not those teams, but Sri Lanka has always been in the mix with the big players since the 90s.

Yes, but I figured that their relatively week innings at bat spelled doom for them. Somehow they pulled it off.

Cynical me has thought that England has been over praised through out the tournament so I am delighted to see this.