2019 Cricket World Cup

Yeah, Stokes’ yesterday was definitely better.

What did the Windies have for breakfast today? They’re certainly staking their claim to be regarded among the favourites.

Yeah, it will take a miracle for Pakistan to come back from this one. Only 106 runs to beat for West Indes? This should be a short game.

Always a joy to see a good Windies limited overs team given the wilderness their test side has been in for 20 odd years.

Sorry, Fatty Vautin’s catch was better than anything convicted murderer Stokes will ever do.

A+ celebration, will give him that

The WIndies banging the ball in short and fast. Whoever could have seen that coming.

Nice catch by Vautin, but I’d argue that yesterday wasn’t even Stokes’ best catch. He’s had some in the slip-cordon that look like he’s in The Matrix.

WI win in less than 14 overs!

Despite this who here would predict that Pakistan will not make it to the semi’s at least.

If ever there was a team that could lose in humiliating fashion then go onto win a cricket tournament its Pakistan.

Yeah, NZ will beat SL after that awful innings.

Yeah, Sri Lanka’s getting a spanking almost worse than Pakistan did.

Meanwhile, in the other match, Afghanistan seems to be doing ok for now.

Afghanistan’s two players who got a good groove going are both out, and the batting side seems to be collapsing quickly. Looks like this one is also going to be a blowout, unless this current batting pair can stop the bleeding.

The batsmen down the line did stop the bleeding for a while! They are all out at 207, which is not great, but at least it’s a lot better than what Pakistan and Sri Lanka managed after their dominos started to fall.

They will probably still lose though. Respectable recovery though. Kudos. They gave their bowlers a real chance to possibly pull out a victory here.

South Africa are in trouble, I think. Bangladesh are at 150+ at the 24-over mark with only 2 outs. They’re going to post a big score.

Raises hand

That was Pakistan’s eleventh consecutive ODI defeat.

SAF have India in their next match. If they lose today and then lose that one they’re in serious trouble.

SAF are in serious trouble - India next and lose that they are 0 - 3. Bangladesh and Afghanistan have been great so far - maybe letting smaller cricketing nations participate in tournaments like the World Cup is actually good for growing the game??

What Afghanistan have achieved considering what has been going on in their country for so long & their total lack of resources and $ is nothing short of mind blowing IMHO.

Pakistan are putting up a good score.

Yeah, I’m all pins and needles watching the score today at work. Having the top 3 batsmen go out gives England a good chance here though. Though it looks like Hafeez and Sarfraz seem to have a decent partnership going currently.

I use Cricbuzz app to track the scores and get a play-by-play when I can’t watch.

Projected score is 315 with 40 overs done. Unless the wickets start to fall, it’s going to be a tough chase.