2019 Cricket World Cup

Here’s that 2019 semi-final throw from Mr. Laura McGoldrick.

Oof, RSA looked like they did well bowling, but the start of their innings has been a disaster.

Oh really? The other innings was such a disaster for Netherlands, I tuned away, thinking it was over.

Thanks, I’ll come back.

RSA lost 4 wickets in the first 5 overs.

This partnership has calmed things down now. It’s all about getting a few singles here and there now. If they can keep doing that, I reckon SA will make it today.

Very annoyed that tomorrow’s Pakistan-India match is going to happen around the same time as the French Open’s men’s final. I guess I’ll watch one on TV and one on my phone.

England won the toss and chose to Bowl. Australia bats first.

RSA clocked their worst power play in T20I history. Halfway thru they’re at 32 runs.

Edit: they made it in the end, but that was pretty nervy.

India Pakistan game toss delayed. Gives more time to watch tennis.

I don’t imagine that was a result India was hoping for.

Pakistan did good with their bowling, but India have really good bowlers too. Should be a tense one down the stretch.

Pakistan are cutting it close here!

That Bumrah…amazing bowler.

This West Indies vs New Zealand is pretty key in the hardest group.

After 23-4 after 6 overs, I thought WI were done, but they kept playing with intent, kept going for the big shots and actually got to 149. So exciting to watch.

NZ have a big target in front of them.

12-0 after 2 overs.

Group A:

In order to qualify, Pakistan needed the U.S. to lose to Ireland tomorrow, and then for them to beat Ireland on Sunday. Both of those things are not wildly unlikely, except for the fact that the matches take place in Ft Lauderdale, FL, where there’s a lot of rain right now. So most likely the match tomorrow will not happen, which means the U.S. will get a point for a draw, which means they’ll get into the Super 8, and Pakistan are out.

The rain rules in Cricket really annoy me. But still, that’s why you have to win any match you actually get to play. You never know if all future matches will be rained out.

England helped their run rate today.

Won’t matter if Aus-Sco is washed out, or if Australia throw it against the Jocks.

NZ out.

I don’t think Australia will throw the match so much as ‘strategically’ rest a few players…

Did any of the Broward County matches actually get played? What a mess!

Nope. All washed out. We’ll see if the now meaningless Ireland vs Pakistan match will get played there. (Tomorrow).

In the meantime, it’s apparently still raining in Antigua too. If the England vs Namibia match gets washed out, England is out and Scotland will take their slot in the Super 8 round, even if Scotland loses against Australia later tonight.