2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

I’ve read that site and watched a YouTube video of it… But I don’t see the addictive properties. It looks like most other shmups!

I guess it’s loved by the same people who love Jeff Minter games?

I don’t get Jeff Minter’s games appeal, so I can’t tell you. They have loads of secrets. You can also get ahead of the power curve (mostly if you know what you are doing, I gather, never really got to that point), which always give a warm feeling.
And well, the game just feels right: it doesn’t have that cheap Western knockoff feel of almost all Japanese shooter clones.

Even less known.

Double Dragon?

Nope, it’s far from it, but that’s not a bad guess either in a way.


Guacamelee ?

Oh, nice guess! But nope.

It looks like some kind of weird mini golf game.



Golf Story?

Don’t follow Komrad Kosc in his foolish ways!

Sigh… I think you just re-posted the same reveal screenshot from yesterday.


Tooth and Track and Tail

Is that the new Jazz Jackrabbit game?

I don’t even think its a real game anymore. :)

Elemental master?

I swear I recognize this, but it must be something I’ve never played myself.