2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Offworld Trading Company?


Some interesting guesses, but nothing so far. Maybe this will help?

Deserts of Kharak?

Out of date?! Bah, nonsense! I’ve updated the cheat code list here. It was stale by a mere 24 entries. And it lets us all know the amazing fact that the first frame of the 2019 thread is picture number 800!

Number 800!? That can’t be a coincidence. I think it’s a divine sign that the frame game should be played by all.

However I completely agree on people being free to re-use a game that has already been used before.

As for a guess: Close Combat 3 ?

Is it that scene from Spec Ops: The Line?

No correct guesses, but I know this game has been played here quite a lot over the years. I’m pretty sure there was even a thread dedicated to getting either some AAR or even multiplayer games going? In any case, I think this next screen should tip my hand enough for you guys to get it.

First, thanks for updating the list! I’ll edit it into the first post as a reference for those that prefer not to repeat games. Second, that’s crazy that we landed on such a round number. Also that we’ve had 800 games guessed so far.

Armageddon Empires!!!

Jeez man, that was crazy fast. I knew that little UI element would be the tipper. :)

I’ve already updated the cheat sheet and so you are all good to go! Congrats!

Damn, such a cool freaking game.

Indeed. One of the finest games I’ve played in any genre. @Vic_Davis is a genius.

Yes, what a huge shame Solium Infernum was never able to be released on Steam. I still play it.

The. . . Banner Saga?

Yoku’s Island Express?

Talk about quick!

Ha, it was only because I spent longer than I should have trying to work out what to do with that chimney, and IIRC had to set it up 3 or 4 times before I got it to work. Lovely game, and officially the 4th best of 2018.

Will put up a new screen later.

Beat Sneak Bandit?

Nope - a little more: