2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

The new Mario Maker?

Mario Galaxy?

Nobody got it.
I think this one may give it away.

Shy Guy Falls! Love that track. Great game.

Not gonna guess because I can’t produce a new shot, but great pick.

@Scott_Lufkin No one wants to take this after the answer has been made obvious. Weird situation, but I guess we fall to you again, since it is more of a turn-not-wanted thing.

That’s cool, I’ll put something together tomorrow.

@rhamorim do you want to take your guess anyway, and I’ll take the next turn for you? @Left_Empty do you want to take another turn and call this one a “loss”? Somehow? Even though it’s clearly some sort of Mario Kart game and obviously 25-30% of the people on Qt3 should recognize it as such… I don’t even play Mario Kart games and I can that’s one of them…

I always have tons of pictures!

But all of you guys suck at this game.

You went from a few revealed areas to the whole frame! A blue triangle would have clued someone in without making them feel like it’s given to them on a silver platter :P

You take the next turn because you are so good at picking what to reveal!

I’m too busy moving house. :)

However, if you send me the image I’ll tell you which bits to reveal if you want. I’ll charge $4 per image as my reveal-consultancy fee!


Buy larger glasses!

Mario Kart 4?

Les cacahuètes en verre?

Well, it was Mario Kart 8. The Switch version of it, I believe. ;)

Ah sorry, yes it was Mario Kart… let me check… Rhamorim is right as usual : “8 Deluxe for Switch”.

This is from this video, which illustrates how the roll of a die will take you from the 1st to the 6th place in a matter of seconds in 150cc (and still, one of the three reds missed because I was too busy falling into a precipice for the second time). Very satisfying.

And here is the next one:

No Man’s Sky with really crappy graphics and that is a Gravitino Ball

Ah, so good to see other people under the spell of NMS! ;)

Please don’t let it be more Monster Hunter World on Switch

You are so good at this game.

This is me, putting @Profanicus’ pet bird to sleep. Magnificent beast.