2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

It is HOB!

Wow! That was lucky! Also: YAY HOB!

Here’s a new screen!

The Witness?

Hyper Light Drifter ?

Neither of those!

One of the tutorial map screens of Dicey Dungeons?

It is Dicey Dungeons! The results screen!

Good job, Left!

Now we shall go a few days without a correct answer. ;)

Yeah, I didn’t expect to win (although that game got quite the visual identity, eh!), and I don’t expect the next one to go either.

One of the Samurai Showdowns? Let’s say, 2?

Nope, but not on a bad track!

An expected development.

It’s a very recent release!

King of Fighters XIV, assuming that’s the most recent?

@Left_Empty Poke. More?

Guessing it’s a mobile game. Since the only game I ever seem to play on my phone these days is a version of Solitaire, I’m never going to get those. Or maybe it’s a vertical arcade game, which is perhaps just as likely for me to not get. So you’re not going to get guesses out of me currently, but I’ll still poke you! I’ll poke everyone! EVERYONE! I WILL POKE YOU! YOU WILL BE POKED!

Street Fighter 2?

Samurai Showdown wasn’t a bad track at first, but you are now walking into walls!
This is not a phone release.

Hmmm, there’s a “yo両” there… and it looks like a vertical scrolling shoot’em up…

I thought of Tokio: Scramble Formation, but that doesn’t look like it, and it’s spelled “Tokio” instead of “Tokyo”, so no idea…

Sky something on switch, can’t remember the exact name.

Not Skyforce, but this shot was taken from the Switch version of a multiplatform release.

If anybody should find it, it is @rhamorim, but not for the reasons he might think!

@rhamorim you are our only hope!