2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

And here’s the full River City Girls frame:

None of my ideas fit at one corner or the other of that game shot.

Tell you what, I’ll be nice and tell you the game is 4:3, but you can play it in higher resolutions (including widescreen ones) and it just puts black bars on the sides. So…technically my screenshot IS correct, but, well, in that same way, I’m already showing you both sides of the 4:3 image. I was just too lazy to bother cropping.

Oh, and if you weren’t even talking about it being widescreen, then I just gave that away. So, ehhh.

That looks like a sewer, and as we all know there is but a handful of games with sewer levels.

Dark Cloud 2?

Negatory. That sewer, though. No point denying that.

Legends of grimrock or whatever it’s called.




Don’t move, I know what it is, but the name won’t come.

Mushroom 11?

I’ll just say this is a game with an unusual hero, that it might be the pseudo-sequel to it, and that if not for sketchy physics, this could have been a freaking brilliant game but instead it is one of the most infuriating ones, which is why I may have discarded its name from my memory!

Gosh, I think I know it! But I’d feel guilty taking a guesh before the name comes back to you.

aaaah, geesh! thank you, and now I remember the famous guy who came out of that wumb, McMillen.
Aaah, so delivered. this was so frustrating… aaaah… don’t mind me…

You guys are crazy.:D I’ll give it to @Left_Empty. It’s Gish. Not the psuedo-sequel I think you’re referring to (Freegish).

@Left_Empty You’re up, bud.

I’m a little craftsman, I make my screenshots manually, pixel by pixel, it takes time (in this case, it took quite a little while).

Chrono Trigger?

No, but I appreciate the daring effort to take a guess with so little!

La Mulana 2