2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

I am but a dilettante.


I got it! Legend of Zelda 2?

Green outfit gave it away. ;)

I guess I’m not the only who didn’t hear about the game till a couple of days ago. Hint: it’s been out for months.

Purely based on that hint, and assuming it’s a pixelly platformer, I’ll guess Horace?

Nope. Another hint: nobody ever mentionned its name on the forum. Well there is a single mention, but as part of a list so it doesn’t count.
And it’s got “overwhelmingly positive” reviewsSteam ramblings, if that even means anything.

Sprites look Oryx-like to me, which narrows it down hardly any.

Is this Heroes of Loot?

Welcome To Hanwell?

No idea what it is - I picked a cute name for this cute game from the wallet threat level thread.

You must build a boat? Or it’s predecessor 100000000000000 … doesn’t look exactly right though.

none of those. I guess only a niche of the Steam population is really into it, and nobody will be able to tell me about their experience with it!

Is it Caves of Legend?

Unsafe Solo Journey?

I figured out what it is from clues, and now I want to play it.

I want to play it too, Dave told me what it is.

Lots of people are going to buy this once we know what it is!

You Must Build a Boat?

I don’t know what this game is, but I am determined to never play it and to leave a juicy negative review on Steam if it’s already in my library.