2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


Still no winners…


Phantasy star online

Played that game obsessively for longer than I’d care to admit but no.


No man’s sky

Drop that beat like an ugly baby?


Correct! Easily my favorite PC racing game of the past few years. So fast, such cool track design, and I really enjoy the deeply weird soundtrack too. It’s been streamed by @tomchick on at least one occasion (maybe more) for those that aren’t familiar. This shot is from the moon DLC.

It’s not tremendously easy to take good screenshots while playing this game, since any lapse in concentration or control tends to go badly.

That game looks awesome and right up my alley. Thanks for choosing it!

It’s one of those rare games that never leaves my hard drive, I’m happy to stump for it.

Pretty! Might be time to get my reflexes back in shape for some Redout. By the way, that game has some slick and truly barf-inducing VR support.


I’m getting motion sick just thinking about it, I think I’ll stick to a 2D monitor!

Ohhh, I bought that game in a sale and never got around to playing it. Got it to play in VR on my Rift. I should try it. Bet it’s awesome in VR. I’ve got a pretty strong stomach. We’ll see.

Next frame up:

Thanks you @Left_Empty for your photo editing skills.

What number frame is this one?

Frog Fractions?