2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

I’m pretty sure I played this (I love my sheeps and cows), but I can’t remember what it was :(

Nothing yet, keep guessing!



Farmville?? Lol

Train Valley 2?

edit: If so, I got it just from the sheep!

Train Valley 1, but I will accept that answer! Congrats @Pod

I’ve been playing Train Valley 2 as recently as yesterday and I didn’t have a clue.

Ah dang it, Evil Kosc! So misleading.

I know, I was shocked you didn’t recognize it.

Yes :D

Train Valley looks lovely! I always like when this thread shows me a new game I want to play.

I thought it was 2 just because it’s newer, but then the lighthouse made me think it might be 1… but I’ve yet to actually play 2 and so assumed they’ve re-used the same art assets.

I’m out tonight, but hopefully I shall get a new image up soonish.

This game is a great example of drawing only 2000 polygons in Unity yet still only achieving 30fps.

Humans Fall Flat

Job simulator?

Hitman Go?

Untitled Goose Game?

Stanley’s Parables

Donut County ?

It’s only been 3h since my last post, but instead of the usual stony silence there’s been a spate of guesses , and I probably won’t put one up for many, many hours, so have another one: