2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

I think we have gone past the number of days spent gussing on a game frame, a record that @Left_Empty one held!


Another loss then. I am saddened to see you game connoiseurs know ancient japanese import pixelmesses better than contemporary flight games.


It is Il-2 Battle of Bodenplatte. The res and odd picture size is because it’s from VR. That threw you guys off eh ;-)

@Chappers, despite your guess being only in the general vincinity of the target, the ball is yours.

In our defense (?) some of us don’t know either. :) Apparently there are now so many IL2’s that it’s possible to show one I’ve literally never heard of.

I didn’t even know there were any contemporary flight games.

I’m traveling right now for the next couple of days, I nominate @vinraith to take my turn.

I can do that.

New frame:

Warlock 2?

Deep Sky Derelicts?


How do you do that?

Great little turn-based tactical RPG.

I’m so good at guessing 2D indie games. Too bad I can’t make a living off this awesome skillset.

God Eater?

How exactly do you know every game ever made?

We should establish new rules because I’m cheating: I don’t have kids :O


No he don’t, failed to get mine did he :p

Disco Elysium?

Or does it prove yours was never made? :-)

Red faction guerilla

It’s one thing to know the game (which Tom has streamed and which has been discussed around here in a number of places) and another thing entirely to ID it from one floor tile. I just… I have no words.

I also have no guess, incidentally.

Dante’s Inferno?