2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

Or does it prove yours was never made? :-)

Red faction guerilla

It’s one thing to know the game (which Tom has streamed and which has been discussed around here in a number of places) and another thing entirely to ID it from one floor tile. I just… I have no words.

I also have no guess, incidentally.

Dante’s Inferno?

Dave is so good at the frame game.

Manifold Garden ?

I said IL2 first. :*(

As for the current one: Gravity Rush?

What if not putting thee out of thy misery amused Us?


Nobody is close.

Killer Queen?

Yup, in the Black variety!

Grabbed this the other day, and even as a casual player, it’s really fun to just jump into a little game. It doesn’t look like much at first but… it’s just great.
Description of the Year.

Incidently, @Jason_McMaster’s been trying to stream it tonight. Great minds… !

Sorry for the delay.


Handsome Mr Frog?

Neither of those.


Super Mario Maker 2

It’s probably time for another one.

Oh, it’s Mamono Sweeper, really.
Didn’t want to guess it at first :O
The square looks way better than on my phone.

It is, yes. I’ve been enjoying it a lot recently after someone mentioned it hereabouts. Still have three medals to get.

That was most likely me ;)