2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


This isn’t going anywhere, is it? :)


I can honestly say nothing about this is even somewhat familiar, so for me, you picked one I can’t really even take a guess at. :)

But I’ll give it a shot!

Is this that Apex Legends everyone is talking about?!


Sometimes I put hints in the image filenames. Just saying.

And no, this looks nothing like Apex Legends, as far as I know, though I’m pretty sure this game is a much better game. ;)


Troid 2: the troidening



Oh, LOL, I get it - it’s the first TROID game. Boom, nailed it.


The previous frame had another piece of the hint puzzle. As does this one, BTW.


Might as well put myself out of my misery. I’ll post the final frame and leave it here for a while, and then most likely have to admit defeat. Which is sad because this is a great game I wish more people knew.


I don’t know what this is at all but it’s gorgeous :)


Screenshots don’t do it justice. I’ll post a proper trailer here later. ;)


I know what it is :) That fire was a great first hint.

Haven’t actually played it yet, so I’ll let someone else try naming this one first.


I think at this point if you know it, go for it. Put @rhamorim out of his misery.




Yup. Sundered: Eldritch Edition, to be more precise.

Of the latest Metroidvanialikes, this is the one that I liked the most. Sure, I’m still relatively early in the game, but I really like a lot of things about it. The way it randomizes some locations every time you die. The way enemies, instead of being always in the same place on each run, will instead attack you in swarms every once in a while, or when you do something significant like restoring power to a part of the complex. I like the way you collect “money” to unlock things, and how every run is not a loss, but a gain. I like the way it opens shortcuts as you go down, so you can get back faster to where you were. And I like the way it looks, sounds, moves and plays. It’s a really good game I don’t hear much about, alas. I think it deserves more attention.

Anyway, thanks for helping me, @Gigglemoo . Have fun with your pick! ;)


I didn’t have any good Breath of the Wild pictures, so let’s try this one:



Very Old Donuts


Brütal Legend


I was thinking Kudos Rock Legend with that pic, so Brutal Legend isn’t far off from what I was going for.





Resident Evil 2?


Close! PS2