2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


Correct, this was the Amiga version.


Ah, okay, that explains it. I think we played it on NES or something.

I’ll get a new one cooked up here shortly.


I still have the music going round in my head:

This makes me happy.


Okay, I had one in mind already From some time ago, so here we go!


You are sneaky Scott :-)


Demon Souls?



That’s an interesting image to guess.

The 11th Hour?



Is it that Kiss shooter from the late 90s? Am I cheating if I google it?


No and probably? But I just tried to Google search for what I’ve revealed so far and no dice. :)


Sorry, meant I didn’t know if Googling the exact name of the game I’m already thinking of was cheating. I think it was psycho circus but could be wrong. I mean I’m also wrong about what game it was. I’m just confusing now :-)


Oh, I follow. Yeah, it isn’t anything From something related to KISS as far as I know. :)




Someone is going to start recognizing this at some point, I’m confident.


I know I’ve seen that somewhere, but I don’t remember where…


Mwaha haha haha ha!


Whack-a-mole: Game of Thrones.


Symphony X


The lighting totally doesn’t fit, but I remember a part in one of the versions of Space Harrier that had weird faces coming at you, so let’s go with that.

98% sure I’m wrong. But at the same time, I’m certain I’ve seen and/or played whatever game this is.