2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

I know that “YOU” from somewhere. Hmmmm.

Yeah, same, it’s driving me nuts.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw ?

Solar settlers?

I’ve not played it, but the font I just saw in the bargain thread looks like that font there.

The game has a highly poetic name.

I have no idea what the game looks like but based on your clue I’ll guess “beautiful desolation”.

Sins of a Solar Empire?

The clue triggered a memory… House of the Dying Sun?

@wavey A winner is you! House of the Dying Sun it is.

A beautiful game that is marred by its history. It was designed to be sort of like a roguelike spaceship shooter game. In the end the dev ditched all of the procedural stuff and we ended up with a short series of fixed scenario’s instead of endlessly replayable pewpew where every explosion mattered.

We’ll still always have that gorgeous name tho.

I remember having a quick go of this in VR, enjoyed it and have always meant to get back to it. It is quite beautiful.

Ok, next up:

I have no idea if that counter is meant to be indented or out-dented.

Space Quest 3?

Afraid not. I hope this isn’t too big a clue, but looking at the whole screenshot, triangulating the light source position, I’d guess it was… indented.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Nope. Next frame:


Tass Times in ToneTown?

I have never even heard of that! I googled to see if it was a real game, and it looks like something I would have been interested in at the time, but must have just passed me by.

I think it was on an Interplay compilation, or something which is how I know of it. I think it suffered from.that classic problem of being designed for a 486 but running on a pentium 2, so it went way too fast and the ‘bad guy’ caught me in seconds.

One last frame for today:

Vegas Jackpot?