2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


Well, now I’m unable to get my mind out of the gutter, so…Leisure Suit Larry? Can’t remember if those were on the C64 or not.


Tea, butterflies and condoms


Nope but there are definitely some adult themes but not obvious ones. @krayzkrok knows the answer but doesn’t want to play, he is too busy mining diamonds.


Day of the Tentacle?




Void Opals, please. But yeah, I know what it is. Quite a relaxing game.


Spoilers ahoy up thread.


Hit me with those laser beams.


Whatever wonderful C64 game this is, I never played it.

I had no idea you could train crocodiles to mine diamonds!


If Sir Francis Bacon went to visit @tomchick then this would give you the title of the game.


California Bacon!


So close yet so far


This was the best clue you gave!


C’mon Mr Krok play the game, we want to see your black hole (from Elite Dangerous).


Ok Chappers, Relax! I’m not going to do it, though (post any black holes!).

The game, to put you out of your misery, is Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I never played it, but it was (in)famous at the time. I think Spandau Ballet gave it away.


Nice work, I’ll post the full screen later. If anyone is interested you can see someone completing the whole game here in 22 minutes:



Ok, it’s been a while, but I think I remember how to do this. Guess away!

The best image I could find had been resized and was a little too small, so I increased the size so that it’s slightly closer to the original and easier to see. It’s given a slightly aliased look to the pixels which isn’t entirely accurate.


I have no idea, but @chappers put C64 games on my brain, so…Chipwits.


I admit I’ve never heard of Chipwits. So no, it’s not. :)


This looks familiar, like a bitmap brothers game on the Amiga. I’m going to guess The Chaos Engine.