2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


Red dead redemption 2?

vanishing of ethan carter?

Rock of Ages 2?

Nothing so far! Happy New Years, Frame Gang!

Trials Fusion?


Dragon’s Dogma?

It’s Total War: Warhammer II

Not really fair, Scott watched me fight the battle the shot is from.

LOL that’s true! While he fought the battle I turned off the UI and took a few screenshots just to use in this game later. I didn’t think even you would recognize it for a few more reveals though, to be honest.

Okay, you are up! But as discussed on Steam, I can handle the frame you give me, and I’ll kick off a new 2020 thread to get things going.

Hrm. Whoever shall I poke, then? Both, perhaps!

@Knightsaber Poke! Send your screen to @Scotch_Lufkin!

@Scotch_Lufkin Poke! Post @Knightsaber’s first shot!

that'll work

(psst, guys, let’s leave the poker alone here)