2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


Return to Zork?




The Saturn version of Deadly Premonition :O


Keep Playing Or Something About Exploding?


Hmmmm, maybe a Tex Murphy game or something? Under a Killing Moon?


I think that’s the STARS logo, so I’ll guess, uh, Resident Evil 2 in celebration of the remake?

[edit] Shit, that’s probably Jill Valentine’s mug, and she’s not in RE2. I should’ve guessed 1 or 3. I think that’s even her name in the pixelated signature.


Papers Please?




@nijimeijer I’ll give it to you. It’s original version of Resident Evil 1 on Playstation (long box) specifically. Though I doubt this screen changed much in later versions. Captured myself, which is why the resolution and quality is a bit weird. I cropped off the overscan blank area for my stream. Been playing it on Twitch for the first time ever, and I’m actually really enjoying it. Probably be finished with it later today. Well, the Jill route anyway. I thought the bad voice acting or tank controls would ruin the fun for me. Nope. I’ve gotten used to the tank controls (a bit like driving an RC car, only with a D-pad) and the voice acting is kind of hilarious in a B-movie way that really fits. I’m really glad I chose to play the original and not the remake. That way I can play the remake at a later date and enjoy all the changes/updates.

Also, if anyone else is caught up in the Resident Evil fever caused by the RE2 remake coming out and want to play this original version, I definitely suggest playing the Playstation version. Reason is, the PC version (for Win95) looks TOO good. The character models stand out way too much from the low res pre-rendered backgrounds. I went to all the trouble of getting the PC version working, only to realize it was pointless. So if you play it, play the PS1 version. And if you emulate it, turn off all anti-aliasing, upscaling, and texture filtering of the graphics. Play in the base 240p resolution with all the bells and whistles turned off. Only then will the graphics really work together aesthetically. Rather than do that, I decided to track down an actual long box copy of the game and play it on my PS2 (was having trouble capturing my PS1).

Oh, and AVOID the “Director’s Cut: Dualshock Version.” The music was redone and they really botched the job in some places (famously so). Though apparently the regular Director’s Cut version does not have the bad music. It’s a shame, because I think using a Dualshock and having analog control would help with the tank controls a little bit. Also it added rumble to the game. Basically, if you care about music, avoid the Dualshock version. If you don’t, it might be pretty good otherwise.

Anyways, you’re up, @nijimeijer


What was his guess?

EDIT: Oh, I see a few posts further up he guessed RE2. Good call given the info we had!


I’ll have something up later today.


Okay, new frame. This is from an HD\Enchanced whatever of an older title, so don’t let the resolution fool you (may be helping, but don’t want folks to go in the wrong direction).


Heroes of Might and Magic III


Close enough to 24 hours. Have the next frame -


No idea. XCOM, just to move things along.


Oh man, is that Little Big Adventure?


…Twinsen’s Odyssey?


Heh, it’s the first one, but I’ll give it to you (especially given how I got my turn this time around).

Such charm in these games. I don’t know why they were called Relentless stateside; a terrible name for a game that oozed twee. The room in the second game where you found out that you were tiny was such a good moment.

You’re up, @Nightgaunt!


Man, it’s been forever since I tried those out. I got Relentless (yes, terrible title) from the bargain bin and at first was just mystified by, I think, the Frenchness of it all? But there’s a lot to like in both games. Years later I found out the main designer was the same guy behind Alone in the Dark, and it was fascinating to realize they both had the same unique core mechanic of putting your character into one of several states that changed his action set.

New frame!