2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


Bad North






What an eclectic selection of guesses. :)


It’s that indie wingsuit game, isn’t it? Forgot its name… Superflight?


ah, and my guess wasn’t Aaero but Aer!


Thats a double guess!

I’ll help you, since I am nice.

I’ll guess Aer. ;)


Good job, @rhamorim! It is the delightful Superflight! Very hard to get a good screenshot of, as it moves so fast and mostly looks like fog and blocky stuff of random color.


Nice pick! I bought it on Qt3’s recommendation, but I have yet to play it. I blame Monster Hunter World. ;)

I’ll post something later tonight, if I’m able. I’ll let you know!


Sorry it took me this long, but here it is - the next frame!




Not Dragon Quest XI. And I have no idea why you wrote DQXI5 instead of that. ;)


Time for the next frame. And if you’ve played this game, this should be immediately recognizable.


Diablo 3!


Uh, not really.


LOL you couldn’t be more wrong! It’s obviously Chess 3D!


This isn’t going anywhere, is it? :)


I can honestly say nothing about this is even somewhat familiar, so for me, you picked one I can’t really even take a guess at. :)

But I’ll give it a shot!

Is this that Apex Legends everyone is talking about?!


Sometimes I put hints in the image filenames. Just saying.

And no, this looks nothing like Apex Legends, as far as I know, though I’m pretty sure this game is a much better game. ;)


Troid 2: the troidening