2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


Clock Tower 3 - a stalker game. I love the video that introduces him:

I lost, so I have to go again… this should be a little easier.



Wow, that’s brutal. I’m glad no one here ever played it but you ;)

As for the new image, I can’t even tell what I’m looking at. A dog and a chicken?? Two mountains in a tile-based game??

I’ll go with: Colonization?


It is a dog & chicken. :)



I don’t think knowing that it’s a blurry dog or chicken help.

Knights and Merchants?


I thought we had some chicken experts from earlier frames.

Hint - Another console game, but I think I’d give it away if I said which.






Graveyard Keeper? I feel like I’m fucking up the games name but it’s 1am and I’m too sleepy to Google


All JRPGs look the same to me. Secret of Mana?


'fraid not. Thought this would be a little easier, sorry guys.

Final frame coming shortly, one last hint:



It’s CondomHat VII: Prophylactic Leprechaun vs the Catholic Church


Welp, I cannot un-see that hat now.


I’m pretty sure that would be Link in Link’s Awakening or something.


I cheated and it’s nothing I would associate with Zelda, but then I don’t even really know the game. I had the console it came out on, but that was at a time when I got like… 3 games a year, maybe.


But that game is obviously Playstationed.

I call it “the Alucardian proto-lensflare”.


Indeed! It’s the Playstation’s Zelda knockoff, and good enough to be in most lists of the top 50 on the system. One of the only things they didn’t copy was the hat



Some Landstalker spinoff? There was a SFC Ladystalker, so Elfstalker?


Has anyone actually said the name of the game yet?


No. Looks like this might be another one no one else played. Two losses in a row, eep.



A shipwrecked elf boy who can enter dreams & nightmares.

It’s a difficult 30 hour action + puzzle RPG that got tons of great reviews. Very difficult - I don’t think younger me could finish it, but I still remember how dark the story got. Alundra released a couple months after Final Fantasy 7.

Scott will have the next one soon.


Oh I wasn’t too far off, it’s a Climax game!
Those guys had a distinctive art style, although I didn’t like it.