2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


I’d cheated because the hint confused me, and merely ended up even more confused than I already was.


@Gigglemoo has lost again, but not for lack of trying. I honestly had never heard of this one (Alundra) but it kind of looks like something I’d have really liked, I guess I blame not having access to Qt3 back then. :)

He’s asked me to take his third attempt, but has suggested a game to use and I like the idea so we’re rolling with it. This… probably won’t take long, with the right crowd, I suspect.


Beat Hazard?


Missile cards?


Is it FTL?


Nothing yet, but this might help a handful of people.


No takers? :)

Well, I’ll do an early one because after this they get… pretty obvious.


It’s really frustrating because I’m certain I know this one.


Hmm, let’s throw Parkitect out there


It’s SimCity 3000.


Aaah, of course it looked familiar!


Ding ding ding! Congrats!

@Otagan you are up next!




I actually had it figured out from the second frame but wasn’t going to be around until today to follow it up, so ended up waiting a bit.

Here we go.


IL-2 Forgotten Battles


Dovetail Euro Fishing?




Nah, I’ll add a bit now since the first shot was intentionally vague.