2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


Yoku’s Island Express?


Talk about quick!


Ha, it was only because I spent longer than I should have trying to work out what to do with that chimney, and IIRC had to set it up 3 or 4 times before I got it to work. Lovely game, and officially the 4th best of 2018.

Will put up a new screen later.



Beat Sneak Bandit?


Nope - a little more:


Ah I know what it probably is but only because I read about it yesterday!


I think you have it! I may have overestimated how many people on here have played or seen this game, so I think it will be down to you or @Nightgaunt


It’s… BACON!


Thank goodness!

@Nightgaunt recommended this in the iOS games thread, and it was well reviewed on One Life Left (can’t remember the score), so give it a try if you can - it’s free on iOS and Android, and a lot of fun.


Is it called BACON! ?? I’m not seeing it?


Sorry, it’s called “Bacon - The Game”:


Getting Bacon on Mona Lisa is hard. :(


LOL this looks fun. Thanks!


Wait until you get to the part where the game is telling you “This level is basically impossible, but go for it!”

Oh! I’ll try to have a screen up in the next few hours.


I liked how the moon level worked. :D

Level 42





Kingdom Two Crowns!


Damn it you are right I think.