2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


I think it’s a bit blocky for it, but I am so glad to have made you doubt :D




The Deer God


Left_Empty has it! That was quick!


Well that was unexpected, and I am really sorry Chappers :-/



Gee, I’ll revert back to old crap, I didn’t mean to make everybody run by picking a recent game!


LOL well none of it looks familiar to me!


Return of the Obra Dinn ?



Breath of the wild


I’m crying.


I’ll go with Slime Rancher!


Cat quest


Given the presence of the slime, I’ll assume it’s DQXI.


Dragon Quest Builders?

That was my guess, but DQXI is really nice looking, super HD. Since I didn’t recognize it, I assume it’s the builder game I never tried.


Ah, you’re right, I’m pretty sure!


Not exactly: it’s the Dragon Quest Builders Demo, har har.

As soon as it goes on sale, I am grabbing this little thing: I think I may put too much hope into it, or the English localization might actually be a very smart rewriting, but it felt like the prospect of the game was too build a world for a game of the series (the jar joke was wonderful). Anyway I absolutely enjoyed the very short and directive demo.


Interesting - I guess I just assumed it wasn’t for me, but looking at it a little closer, I may be mistaken.

Oh, crap, it’s my turn again! Okay, give me a bit.


I’m getting a little sneaky on this one.


You pulling a Pathfinder Kingmaker again? Some Pillars of Eternity gamebook adventure part?