2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


I looked at both!

Is it Pong?

Also the reason Pong is in my head right now: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/atari-pong-table-price-release-date,news-29081.html


ADVENT / Adventure?


My back hurt merely looking at the setup of those tables, but I admire the commitment to finding a workaround for the upcoming screen crisis.

I watched The Good Place because of you!


I actually thought you knew it was Elder Scrolls Online but were making a joke. :)


Lemonade Stand


I was thinking I was making a joke about some mobile phone Elder Scrolls game :O


Ha ha, well your guess was close enough for me! :)


Cart Life?




Cool guess, but not at all!


Legend of Zelda



The hack on the Switch virtual NES thing to be precise, with corrected grammar (the original read “Let’s play monkey making game.”) and end-game gear cheat!


I expect this to go quickly. Which I say only to make all of you who don’t know it feel bad. :) As is nearly always the case for me!




That Zombie Survival Apocalypse Rimworld ripoff Tom claims to be so fond of because he can’t acknowledge he made a judgement error about its model?


No correct guesses yet!




There we go, I knew it wouldn’t take long. Even without the UI elements, the graphic style is pretty distinctive.

Edit: Suppose I should post the full frame, too.


That river tile is very characteristic. The game’s colour scheme always depressed me, too.
Sorry for the filter, quick and dirty.



Rocket league?