2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


Portal 2?




As you can see on the picture, the soundtrack is great!


Wing Commander 1


Duke Nukem 3D?


Mechwarrior 2?


The one and only.


This was my first game on my first own Macintosh. It was the 3D accelerated version, which seemed to be causing a ruckus on the PC side that I never suspected. I remember even being impressed by the voice acting in the intro, it was fun to listen to it again.
The screenshot if from the plain DOS version, which might have aged better than the awkwardly textured one. Playing it again, it turns out it is much better played with mouse and keyboard controls than with a joystick (stupid auto-centering!), although I needed to reconfigure the controls to have a proper mouse-look (it isn’t the default setup, but it is easily achievable).


Aha! Thought so. Yeah, flat-shaded games stand the test of time way better than early low res textures. Been meaning to go back and play Mechwarrior 2 myself lately. I’ll have to give the mouse and keyboard a shot with it. Back in the day, if you didn’t use a joystick for a mech game or flight/space sim, you were considered an idiot or something. So I don’t think I ever even tried mouse and keyboard in those genres. IIRC Mechwarrior 4 worked well with mouse/keyboard. I didn’t play much of it BECAUSE I no longer had a joystick at the time and even though it played well that way, my brain was constantly screaming “this is wrong, this is wrong.” Then years later Mechwarrior Online pretty much demands mouse and keyboard. I mean, you can play with a joystick but you lose some precision. When Mechwarrior 5 comes out, I assume it’ll use the same scheme since it’s the same guys.

Boy I’m rambling too much. I’ll get a screen up shortly.


Here we go:




The girl looks familiar. Everquest?


Ah, the wonderfully creatively named The Quest?


You got it. Stupidest name ever. I first played some of it on Android a while back, and when I found out there was a PC version, I decided to wait and get it in a sale on Steam. Just picked it up in the winter sale. Haven’t really played much of this version yet, but I’m into its style. I think when I finally get around to giving it a proper go, I’ll like it.


I got interested into that game when I had big wrist issues and was in some dungeon crawling phase, so I poked around on iOS. I read a lot about the game, but I got the impression it wasn’t what I was looking for (something more in the way of Heroes of a Broken Age or classic Might & Magic games), as The Quest games seemed to be some sort of Elder Scrolls/Bard’s Tale hybrids — although they also seem to have the same wacky balance that was the trademark of early CRPGs, even though we didn’t notice it as much back then, probably because the interweb wasn’t around I am guessing.

You were saying about ranting? ;)

Next one, a bit obscure:


Zelda: Breath of the Wild?


How did you guess!

Oh, “oops”, that’s just my horse, Lady d’Auvrecy. I wonder what that photo is doing here.

There we go.


I knew it, but I already guessed Breath of the Wild correctly last year. ;)


LOL I actually dismissed it because you said it was “a bit obscure”. :)


Nice horse!





No, but great game!