2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

Hopefully whoever guessed it in private will step forward, otherwise it looks like you lost this one. :)

I guessed it in private but I googled “galaga on Amiga” so I have to rule myself out.


That’s an amazing name.

I am so disappointed in you.

It was Deluxe Galaga, but I would have taken Warblade as well, as this is the name this Amiga shareware was released and ported to PCs.

It was evoked recently in the Skyforce Reloaded thread, and upon looking up, I discovered its author, Edgar M. Vigdal, passed away four years ago while he was still working on Warblade 2.
If you never played, it is well worth trying: the game is much more complex than its simple look may evoke, and it was quite amazing at the time.
There seems to be an history of rejection linked to the addiction it causes, not unlike Diablo 2 or other such games, so be careful.

I’ve read that site and watched a YouTube video of it… But I don’t see the addictive properties. It looks like most other shmups!

I guess it’s loved by the same people who love Jeff Minter games?

I don’t get Jeff Minter’s games appeal, so I can’t tell you. They have loads of secrets. You can also get ahead of the power curve (mostly if you know what you are doing, I gather, never really got to that point), which always give a warm feeling.
And well, the game just feels right: it doesn’t have that cheap Western knockoff feel of almost all Japanese shooter clones.

Even less known.

Double Dragon?

Nope, it’s far from it, but that’s not a bad guess either in a way.


Guacamelee ?

Oh, nice guess! But nope.

It looks like some kind of weird mini golf game.



Golf Story?

Don’t follow Komrad Kosc in his foolish ways!

Sigh… I think you just re-posted the same reveal screenshot from yesterday.


Tooth and Track and Tail