2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

I got it! Legend of Zelda 2?

Green outfit gave it away. ;)

I guess I’m not the only who didn’t hear about the game till a couple of days ago. Hint: it’s been out for months.

Purely based on that hint, and assuming it’s a pixelly platformer, I’ll guess Horace?

Nope. Another hint: nobody ever mentionned its name on the forum. Well there is a single mention, but as part of a list so it doesn’t count.
And it’s got “overwhelmingly positive” reviewsSteam ramblings, if that even means anything.

Sprites look Oryx-like to me, which narrows it down hardly any.

Is this Heroes of Loot?

Welcome To Hanwell?

No idea what it is - I picked a cute name for this cute game from the wallet threat level thread.

You must build a boat? Or it’s predecessor 100000000000000 … doesn’t look exactly right though.

none of those. I guess only a niche of the Steam population is really into it, and nobody will be able to tell me about their experience with it!

Is it Caves of Legend?

Unsafe Solo Journey?

I figured out what it is from clues, and now I want to play it.

I want to play it too, Dave told me what it is.

Lots of people are going to buy this once we know what it is!

You Must Build a Boat?

I don’t know what this game is, but I am determined to never play it and to leave a juicy negative review on Steam if it’s already in my library.

I don’t know why, but I feel like I also own it for some reason.

Wait, this is that Reventure game, isn’t it?

Phew, I did good to not post the answer one hour ago from the warmth of my bed.
Yes, it was Reventure. It’s available on Steam, and it was just released on the Switch if you are really rich. Please play it and report, gorgeous fellows!

And no, Komrad, you don’t own it!

Only aware of it insofar as a friend of mine was talking it up a few months back. Not my kind of thing, really.

Anyway, new frame: