2019 Horror Movie Roundup


Huh. Looks a little Babadook-y, but I’ll see it.

Another trailer, new Netflix movie where art starts murdering people, maybe? Gyllenhall + Nightcrawler guy, I’m in.



This isn’t exactly a 2019 movie, but this seems like the most appropriate spot to put it:

Just saw the above movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. It’s an Australian movie that never made it onto DVD, much less streaming, only VHS, so it’s been pretty well out of circulation for ages now until some folks did a restoration from film. Our Drafthouse location was the first to screen this new print, apparently, although it’s going to circulate through most of the chain as a one-off showing.

I quite enjoyed it. It’s a relatively unusual premise (ignore the IMDB synopsis, which is nonsense) and has a lot of color and local flavor. Initially it almost feels like a slice of life sort of thing and then things gradually get darker and more ominous until all hell breaks loose towards the end. I confess I’m a little disappointed that it didn’t turn out to be the sort of horror I most typically prefer, but I certainly don’t regret checking it out.

And how often do you get to see a movie in the theaters that probably no one in your circles has ever even heard of, much less seen?

PS: The lead actress looks super similar to one of my coworkers, which was a bit distracting for me.



Just finished up my rental of Rust Creek. Not bad at all, but not in any way horror. More of a fear of backwoods/female survival thriller and an above-average one, anchored by a strong lead performance by someone who I’ve never heard of but will be watching out for in the future called Hermione Corfield.

Despite a few minor forays into genre cliche, I recommend it.



In my own personal and utterly inconsequential book of genre taxonomy, a movie that plays to the fear of a woman alone in the woods stalked by redneck rapist killers in cahoots with the cops is horror. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the genre cliches you’re referencing, and it’s very nearly in “girl in the basement” territory. The difference in Rust Creek is that she puts up quite a fight at first. But to me, it’s a matter of tone. If it’s played for thrills, it’s a thriller. If it’s played for dread, it’s a horror movie. Rust Creek seems more inclined to dread.

Mostly, though, I found it pretty forgettable and often flat-out awkward. The central relationship is interesting, but that’s pretty much all it’s got going for it. And I can’t see the actress’ name without reading it as “cornfield”.




The reason I couldn’t find any horror here was that the “redneck rapist killers” seemed way too goofy and incompetent to be properly scary. They seemed like what the reality of being stalked in the Kentucky backwoods really would be like…you’d be surrounded by druggy creeps who are also mostly addled idiots. Dangerous, sure; as drug peddlers with guns usually are…but not really terrifying because you never at any point feel like these morons have the upper hand. Not really.

Despite the lack of real scares and the occasionally awkward staging, I found it an interesting story and certainly engaging enough.



Yeah, that makes sense. They do turn out to be idiots, don’t they? By the time they get pwned by a microwave oven, Rust Creek has pretty much abandoned any pretense of instilling dread.




Just finished watching Cam on Netflix, after some recommendations elsewhere. It’s got all the signs of some shlocky low budget exploitation flick selling itself on sex, but I have to say I thought it was actually really good. The writer apparently has experience in the camgirl industry so it’s pretty authentic as far as that side of things go, and frankly it’s a business that’s already kind of creepy, so when you add the horror elements…I found it considerably disturbing and unsettling.

(And there are some nice breasts on display as well, I will admit.)



I also watched the Deliverance meets Wintersbone meets Breaking Bad mashup that is Rust Creek and agree with the consensus that it is highly skippable. I did enjoy the quiet moments where the meth cook was talking to the girl though.




Watched Piercing last night, the recent movie from Eyes of My Mother-director Nicholas Pesce. Not sure if it stuck the landing, but I really enjoyed it. Stylish and twisted (fucked-up in places, actually), but still darkly funny. I loved the little giallo touches: the practical effects, the obvious use of models in the establishing shots, the soundtrack. Pretty great stuff.

Knowing this guy is directing The Grudge remake gives me a little hope that it might actually turn out OK.



So, basically Joe Bob Briggs says “Check it out!” ?



Starring Linda Cardellini. Directed by Michael Chaves, who is also slated to direct The Conjuring 3.

Note that The Curse of La Llorona is not supposed to be part of “The Conjuring Universe.” It’s an entry into the growing category of US-made horror films meant to appeal to Hispanic audiences.



Saw Happy Death Day 2U last night. I was really surprised by how good and funny the first one was, but…how do you make a worthwhile sequel to a time loop movie, right? Well, they did it. I’d say it’s at least as good as the first one and maybe even a smidge better. Crazy.

Also thread relevant: one of the trailers ahead of it was what appears to be a Child’s Play remake starring Aubrey Plaza. So…that’s a thing.



Hole In The Ground is not on the list for some reason, but I love creepy kid movies so had to see this. Pretty damn tense. The little kid in this should get a prize for creepiest kid of 2019.

Going to see Happy Death Day 2 tomorrow night. Can’t wait.



From the director of Hereditary:



I am all in on Midsommar. Folk horror + Ari Aster is pretty close to an optimal-sounding movie.



Oh no. Meir Zarchi, the writer and director of the original 1978 “I Spit on Your Grave” has made the official sequel. “I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu” and Camille Keaton reprises her character from the first movie, Jennifer, but now with a grown daughter. To say it looks low budget and awful is being generous.



Does anyone else who’s watched ads for Captive State feel that it’s gonna suck just based on how phoned in John Goodman’s performance seems in said ads? Unlike, say, his performance in 10 Cloverfield Lane.



Mercy Black on Netflix.

It seems to be “inspired” by that real-life Slender Man case where a couple of young girls stabbed another girl for some insane reason. This was OK. Better than that execrable Slender Man movie, but nothing particularly new. And it’s nice to see Janeane Garofolo getting some work.



Ha ha, you watched Mercy Black.

I agree that it’s good to see Garofolo on screen, but ugh, what a thankless role. Also, Daniella Pineda was fine, but she’s not quite as crazyhot without the glasses she wore in the Jurassic Park movie.