2019 is finally the year of the Linux desktop


Nope. Still not worth it.


People are still fighting over the desktop? TIL.


Yeah, as much as I love and use linux (been paying the bills for 15 years) it will never be the platform to sell you games for.


Doesn’t make sense to offer a linux version, but it could be worth your time to fix any major or blocking issues running your game under Steam Proton.


In the thread, he mentions that using a wrapper like this wasn’t an option for them - even if Steam Proton was available then - because they initially offer “native Linux support” as one of their Kickstarter rewards.

But for future games yeah the latest version of Steam Play seems like a much better idea these days.


Sure. If I was writing up my Kickstarter pitch now, I would say “we will make sure it works with Proton” rather than “native Linux”.


For what it’s worth, from the perspective of someone who wants very much to be able to run games on Linux, Proton is still janky as all get out, to the point where I’ll rarely even attempt to run things via Steam Play nowadays, and native Linux games pretty much just work.


Planetary Annihilation? Agreed. :D
I’m ashamed that some users are so toxic, that’s not how you get anything. If they don’t port it, play something else or wait for Wine; life goes on.


From what I’ve read, Proton games that Steam certifies work really well, and others not so much. So it comes down to doing the work to make sure it works well.