2019 Oscars thread of Buzz and Snubs


is Emma Stone really the supporting actress in The Favourite? Rachel Weisz as supporting, I could see that … I guess if you have categories, you have to fill them, sigh


I know, this was odd. It is difficult because I think that the 3 female leads all spend about the same amount of time on screen. The story isn’t exclusively told through anyone’s perspective. If anything Coleman gets lead because she is the character everyone interacts with.

Either way, “supporting” is a really softly defined category.


And then you look at Sam Elliott in Star is Born. He doesn’t have a lot of screen time.


And he basically plays “Sam Elliott character.” It’s not like there’s anything unique in that performance.



Yeah, stick around long enough, be liked by enough industry people, and they’ll nominate you.

The movie he did that clearly was his hope for an Oscar was The Hero. We saw it because the GF is a big Sam Eliott fan but it wasn’t very good. “An ailing movie star comes to terms with his past and mortality.” He has to reconcile with a daughter and it has real life wife Katherine Ross as his ex. Just slow and uninteresting and full of angst.


What a goddamn fucking travesty

I think most people expected animated short or stuff like that getting relegated to commercial breaks, but cinematography and film editing???


Fuck. The. Academy. Awards.

I have one friend who works as an editor. And his husband is a professional makeup artist.

The Oscars can fuck right off, once and for all.



I still can’t believe Black Panther, a distinctly average superhero flick has been nominated for Best Picture. The mind boggles.

I hope “The Favourite” mops the floor this year. It’s by far my favorite movie of 2018.


Yeah, what the hell? These and the screenplay winners are the films I actually try to see every year.


Unfortunately, most people don’t care about the cinematography or editing winners. They care about Twitter moments, hashtags, and celebrities “destroying” each other in red carpet zingers. All they really want to see is the hosts’ snark, song and dance numbers, and (just barely) the acting and Best Movie awards.

That’s partly why Black Panther is even in the Best Picture award nominations list. They’re desperately doing what they can to appeal to the younger viewers that don’t give a damn about celebrating the craft or history of film.


I think I enjoyed Peep Show far more than should be allowed.


Not to completely agree with the Academy’s decision making when it comes to scheduling the show, but.

Audience: This show is too long and boring!
Academy: Lets shuffle things around a bit
Audience: Why did you change anything?

There is no way they could win. A straight show with just awards announcements would be really dry. But adding in too much fluff makes the show too long.


Maybe the solution was to divide it into 2 shows. I know during the ceremony, they always show a little video clip of a technical categories Oscar night that happened on some previous evening, and I was always jealous that we never got to see THAT show. Maybe they should make that show bigger, and add things like best cinematography, best production design, best makeup, best costume design, best film editing, best sound editing, best sound mixing, best soundtrack, best screenplay, best special effects, and end that ceremony with best director. Meanwhile the main Oscars ceremony can then be about all the categories I don’t personally care about all that much: Best supporting actor/actress, Best actor/actress, best song, best animated movie, best documentary, best foreign movie, and end the evening by announcing best picture. So all of one type of movie buff watches one ceremony, and the other kind of movie buff watches the other ceremony.


The Audience doesn’t say that. That’s a myth. Because the people who say that aren’t The Audience. They don’t watch anyway, and that is the reason they give. Making it into a sitcom isn’t going to change that.

When I was in The Audience of the show, I didn’t care about the length anymore than I cared about the length of the Superbowl. It was an evening event. We threw (or went to) a party (usually thrown by my aforementioned editor/makeup friends), and the TV went on hours before the show to see all the pre-stuff. I stopped watching because of the truncating. I got sick of dumb bits of poorly rehearsed comedy while the winners of Best Cinematography got cut off during their one big moment.

That’s what I loved. The human drama. Some editor up there who had never been on a stage before, speaking to her family and telling her kids at home to go to bed and getting all emotional. The more the show started to fuck with that, the more stressed I got. “Are they gonna swell the music in before the second person gets to speak? Or will they get their moment too?”

Now this.

They have no idea who their audience is or what they care about.




So much for getting sign-off with the affected groups.


How much extra time to the broadcast will it take to restore the live awards in these categories? 10-15 minutes? Just do it.

Hey, you want to save some time, go back down to five nominees for Best Picture instead eight or whatever it is. Then you don’t have to run the commercials – er, clips – for an extra three movies.


Pretty much every major decision they’ve made (Most Popular Film, Oscar Host, and now this) has been reversed.

They clearly put much thought and deliberation into such important matters…