2019 State of the Union Address

Talk about it while it happens. Respond to the Dem’s response, or craft a response of your own. Do whatever you need to do to get through this alive.

Live stream for those who dare.


I can’t wait to hear about the 11 year old with the last name of Trump.

I came here to report my lol.

Pelosi behind Trump not clapping. 🤨

Death stare AOC.

Man, America is doing amazing. And nobody thought that was possible. People said it couldn’t be done.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to watch this and providing witty feedback on here.

Clapping for carbon! Cheers for carbon!

OMG they’re literally chanting USA like a sports team.

Good god, watching Trump try to deliver a prepared speech is somehow even worse than his ordinary rambling. He sounds so weird and disjointed trying to deliver anything prepared and coherent.

Nancy live tweeting…hilarious…

Ooh they didn’t cheer about not having investigation.

What, you don’t believe the US flag is named Buzz Aldrin?

Good good… watching Trump… try to deliver… a prepared speech… is… somehow… even worse… /ect

I can’t watch someone lie for the entirety of their speech. It isn’t worth my time.

Seeya in prison, Don.

What the shit.

Must have got Don King to write that part.