2019 State of the Union Address


So am I! But, statistically, rich white males over 35 are the most likely to vote for Trump. They are the core. That doesn’t mean every rich white male is a Trump voter, but they are more of his core than non-rich white males, rich women of any colour, or non-rich non-white men.


You said ‘all’, which is the problematic word. Maybe you didn’t mean that, but you did say it.


All as in of all income brackets, not every individual.


When I’m riding my bike, almost all of the dumb fucks that drive their cars too close to me are white guys in pickup trucks. That being said, quite a few white guys in pickup trucks do not drive too close to me. THAT being said, almost every single one of the dumb fucks is a white guy in a pickup truck.


not all men are socrates. socrates is not a scotsman. ipso facto prima facie quid pro quo.


I think we need a Venn Diagram.


Yeah, there is a strong correlation between ‘asshole driver’ and SUV and pickup truck. The larger the vehicle, the stronger the correlation!

An F-450 with truck nuts has a correlation that approaches 1. A RAV 4 with school bumper stickers barely above compact car.

A Subaru Forrester here in Portland approaches 0.


I swear I have never tried to hit you with my truck.


In my experience the biggest asshole drivers tend to be people with expensive sports cars, because they always seem to feel entitled to go faster than anyone else even in heavy traffic.

Hey dude, it’s not my fault you spent $100k on a world-class engine to putter along in L.A. bumper-to-bumper like the rest of us schmoes.



Thank you for the for reals LOL.


I saw one of these guys in a jacked up truck turn to get a Dutch Bros coffee. Apparently he couldn’t really see very well or he might not have gotten stuck on the big ass cable attached to the giant pole that he got stuck on. If it hadn’t been unsafe to do so, I would have recorded him trying to get off it which there is no way he was going to. Big truck spinning wheels with one of them suspected on the cable he didn’t see.

Two weeks later they wrapped the cable in orange.


I disagree with the size of the ‘dumb fuck’ circle. In my experience it should be a much bigger area of the white men w/ the trucks. Not all, but at least the majority!


Come on people, everyone knows the way to spot a Trump supporter is by the fact they have a baseball hat on at some point in the week.

I think it’s like 93% of baseball hat wearing guys are Trump supporters*

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This is the correct size of the “dumb fuck” circle:


The bits here in red are a reasonable approximation of the “dumb fuck” zone.


Why are you putting that evil on Colorado?


Take it up with Wikipedia, Craig!


Snow Texas (Alberta) should probably be red.


Probably stripe us here in Alberta. 4 years ago we elected the NDP which is as far left as you can go. Election coming up and back to blue we will be going.